Project update on the reconstruction and improvements of King Street (Regional Road 81)

Niagara Region in partnership with the Lincoln is reconstructing and completing streetscaping upgrades on King Street (Regional Road 81)  from Vinehaven Trail to Twenty-Third Street in the Town of Lincoln.
Since the completion of the previously approved Environmental Assessment, the project team has started the detailed design, completed storm sewer investigations, confirmed scope of water and sewer improvements, completed studies relating to Archaeological, Traffic and preliminary Geotechnical investigations. 
The project team is currently working through the detailed design incorporating the streetscaping concepts developed by a working group from Niagara Region and Lincoln. Through this process, it is was determined that the aerial hydro and communication cables will be converted to underground services.
Currently the project team is requesting budget funds to execute the utility relocations in 2023.  Pending budget approval the major construction works could start as early as 2024.
There will be further public notices relating to this project as the final design progresses. We have included typical cross-sections for King Street (Regional Road 81) in a few key areas throughout the corridor. Please see Appendix A on the project page. These are preliminary and will be further developed as part of the design process, however, we thought it was important to share some of our progress to date.
Mr. Mike Wilson, A.Sc.T., PMP
Manager of Capital Projects, Transportation Engineering, Niagara Region
905-980-6000 ext 3181
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