Large, Rigid Plastic Recycling

Residents can drop-off large, rigid plastic household items at our Waste and Recycling Drop-off Depots free of charge.

Acceptable Items

Acceptable large, rigid plastic items for recycling at our drop-off depots include:

  • Plastic buckets, pails and drums
  • Plastic crates and trays
  • Plastic baskets, totes, containers, boxes and cases
  • Rigid plastic toys and pools
  • Plastic furniture and pet carriers
  • Infant car seats and booster seats - plastic shell only, all buckles, padding and metal parts removed

To be accepted for recycling, all of the above items must have any metal pieces/parts and batteries removed, and be no larger than 122cm (4ft) x 122cm (4ft).

Unacceptable Items
Items that will NOT be accepted for large, rigid plastic recycling at the drop-off depots:

  • Batteries
  • Coolers
  • Pipes/PVC piping
  • Siding
  • No items with metal, wood, rubber or other non-rigid plastic parts or components

Depot Locations

Large, rigid plastics will be accepted for recycling at:

Curbside Collection

Large, rigid plastic items can still be booked for curbside collection.

However, when collected as part of bulky curbside collection these materials will not be recycled. They will be collected as garbage and sent to landfill.

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