Outreach Nursing in Niagara

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For vulnerable populations in Niagara who can't access traditional health care, outreach nurses provide a suitable, free alternative. No health card needed.

Residents who have challenges with traditional health care include:

  • Socially isolated individuals
  • Those with mental health issues
  • Those with addictions
  • Homeless residents
  • Individuals with limited access to transportation
  • Teens with sexual health concerns

How we help

  • We reduce barriers. Individuals with mental health or addiction issues are often hesitant to visit traditional service providers because of past discrimination or a lack of trust. Our services are free, confidential and non-judgmental.

  • We meet you where you are. Outreach nurses move throughout Niagara and can visit clients in a public location where they are most comfortable. If additional care or follow-up is needed, outreach nurses can refer to other health agencies.

  • We provide built-in support services. Vulnerable clients can have supporters present during visits and follow-up care only if the client approves.

Services offered

Outreach nurses offer the following services:

  • Sexually transmitted infection education, testing and treatment
  • Hepatitis C testing
  • Rapid HIV testing
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Vaccinations
  • Basic wound care
  • Health education and counselling
  • Referral to health services
  • Morning after pill
  • Nicotine patches and gum
  • Naloxone kits
  • Free condoms


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