Strong Leaders

Leaders are at the heart of the employee experience. Employees look to their leaders to provide context for work priorities, provide direction on accountabilities, break down success barriers and to be a partner in their current and future job / career-related goals.

Senior leaders rely on our leadership team to drive our organization forward and to ensure the programs and services we deliver are timely, relevant and high quality. Senior leaders also look to our leadership team to create and maintain work environments where our employees want to stay, grow and do their best work.

Our managers and supervisors look to their leaders to provide strategic direction and the resources and tools required to be successful.

Our focus for strong leaders

  • Develop and grow leadership skills to prepare employees for success in their current and future role(s)
  • Recognize individual employees and teams in ways that are meaningful to them
  • Cultivate and promote inclusive work environments
  • Link work to plan supporting employees in understanding how the work they do supports our residents, community and our organization's priorities

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