Our People Plan

We're here for our employees

At Niagara Region, we value our more than 3,500 employees and strive to provide them with strong, inclusive and supportive environments that they can thrive in.

Our employees have purpose and their work directly impacts our residents and supports the growth of our community.

The path to 2027

After listening to what our employees had to say, we developed our three-year People Plan to guide us to where we want to be by 2027. The plan was developed around four themes that reflect what's important to our employees, leaders and organization:

  • Top talent
  • Strong leaders
  • Flexible workplaces
  • Healthy and well employees and workplaces


Top talent

We attract, select and grow strong talented employees who align with our values and enable our community-driven mission.

Learn about our goals for top talent

Strong leaders

We are guided by inclusive leaders that are driven to grow and support their employees, recognize achievements, and create employee connections to work priorities and strategic drivers.

Learn about our goals for strong leaders

Flexible workplace

We're an employee-centric organization where our policies, procedures and practices support the best possible solution for our employees, service delivery and our community.

Learn about our focus for a flexible workplace

Healthy and well employees and workplaces

We create and support psychologically healthy and safe workplaces, and overall positive health and well-being for employees.

Learn about our focus for health and wellness

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