Healthy and Well Employees and Workplaces

The theme of healthy and well employees and workplaces acknowledges that health and wellness extends beyond safety on the job. While on the job safety is critical and will always be a priority, overall physical and mental health needs equal consideration and prioritization as a key issue for our organization.

Healthy and well employees and workplaces includes programs and services provided, organizational support, policies and procedures, and most importantly, the ownership and commitment of staff and leaders to foster and sustain healthy and well work environments.

Our focus for healthy and well employees and workplaces

  • Benefits that are inclusive, and support overall health and wellness
  • Supportive leadership that is inclusive and supports overall health, wellness and lifestyle, and their role in the overall health and wellness of employees in the workplace
  • Access to mental health resources that are supportive of health and wellness in the workplace - where employees understand the resources available and are comfortable accessing them

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