Growing Better Together: Council Strategic Priorities 2023-2026

The Council Strategic Priorities serve as a roadmap for Niagara Region from 2023 to 2026. It outlines our vision, mission and guiding principles, and identifies the strategic priorities, objectives and key actions staff will focus on to support our community needs, today and into the future.

Vision: Modern communities growing better together.

Mission: Niagara Region delivers service excellence through collaborative and innovative leadership.

Guiding principles: The guiding principles form the foundation for Council's strategic priorities and will help determine how Niagara Region should deliver its services to the community. They include:

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and Indigenous reconciliation
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability and climate change
  • Partnerships with government and community
  • Transparency and accountability

Overhead view of Niagara

Strategic Priorities

The strategic priorities are guided by the vision, mission and principles and connect the vision with action. They determine specific deliverables that are enacted through policy, master plans, the annual budget and departmental business plans.

Effective Region

Remain an employer of choice by transforming service delivery in a way that is innovative, collaborative and fiscally-responsible.


  • Implement continuous improvement and modernized processes to ensure value-for-money with Regional services and programs
  • Explore and implement opportunities to improve service delivery through shared services
  • Deliver fiscally responsible and sustainable services
  • Invest and support a skilled and aligned workforce at Niagara Region

Green and Resilient Region

Reduce our collective carbon footprint and prepare to adapt to climate change impacts by ensuring current and future infrastructure is resilient.


  • Deliver operations and services that align with our greenhouse gas emission target and climate change goals
  • Partner with the local municipalities and community organizations to advance climate change action in Niagara
  • Build resiliency into our Regional infrastructure to support growth and prepare for the impacts of climate change

Equitable Region

Provide opportunities for a safe and inclusive Niagara by listening and responding to our community needs and planning for future growth.


  • Ensure the Region is inclusive, welcoming and free of discrimination
  • Improve access to affordable and attainable housing
  • Support growth and development post Bill 23

Prosperous Region

Advocate with senior governments for future growth. Improve Niagara's transportation network to help new and existing businesses thrive and grow locally, nationally and internationally.


  • Attract and retain businesses; create jobs and support a skilled workforce in Niagara
  • Build "Niagara" as a global brand and invest in the growth of its emerging sectors
  • Invest and enhance access to transit, active transportation and other transportation systems in the region
  • Be an effective and unified voice to advocate with senior governments on behalf of Niagara

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