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About the project

Niagara Region is developing a Waste Management Strategic Plan. This plan will provide a framework and direction for waste management over the next 25 years. Research, reports and consultations will inform the plan and be a guide for Niagara Region staff and Regional Council.

We invite interested parties to engage in the development of the plan. Join our interactive open houses and surveys throughout the year and pitch in your ideas for the future of Niagara Region's waste programs and systems.

Project timeline

Phase one: Assessment of system - where we are

early 2023 - Completed
Identify gaps, strengths and opportunities for Niagara Region

Early 2024 - In Progress
Assess baseline life cycle

Early 2024
Engage with interested parties on vision, goals and guiding principles

Phase two: Development of direction and system options - where we want to go

Mid to late 2024
Engage with interested parties on program delivery, alternative waste processing and the benefits of these recommendations

Mid to late 2024
Evaluate and shortlist recommended options for the strategic plan

Phase three: Preferred system - how we're getting there

Late 2024
Recommend a system that includes facilities, resources, diversion strategy and funding strategy

Early 2025
Assess life cycle for the recommended system

mid 2025
Engage with interested parties on the draft strategy

mid to late 2025
Develop implementation plan with detailed timelines for the short-term (five years) and longer term (five - 25 years)

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