Mental Health

Mental health is just as important to take care of and maintain as physical health is.

One in every 5 children and youth in Ontario have a mental health challenge. These issues can include anxiety, depression or self-harming behaviours. Some signs to look for are:

  • Saying negative things about themselves
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Frequent negative thoughts
  • Changes in school performance
  • Seeming unhappy, worrisome, guilty, fearful, irritable or angry
  • Wanting to be alone often
  • Crying easily
  • Showing less interest in sports, games or activities they otherwise enjoy

If your child or teen is struggling with mental health concerns, there's local resources and services available. Talk to:

Protect your mental health

Regardless of age, you can have better mental health if you:

  • Eat well to support a healthy body and brain
  • Are physically active, which reduces stress and helps with concentration
  • Get enough sleep, which makes you more alert and able to cope with stress

Certain life circumstances can also help protect your mental health, including:

  • Living in a safe community that's accepting, supportive and free of violence
  • Having healthy and supportive relationships, which help you form meaningful connections
  • Living in housing that's clean and well maintained
  • Getting an education
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