Reporting Potholes in Niagara

While temporary fixes can be done throughout the winter, longer-term repairs need to wait for the warmer weather. We follow the province's maintenance standards for pothole repairs.

Residents are urged to drive according to road conditions and never assume how deep a puddle may be. Follow CAA's tips for avoiding potholes.

Filing a claim if vehicle damage occurs

If your vehicle is damaged after striking a pothole, it's recommended you:

  • Stop driving your vehicle if it's not operating properly
  • Record the exact location of the pothole and report it to the municipality as outlined above
  • Have the vehicle inspected by a licensed mechanic
  • Contact your insurance broker or insurer as you may have coverage for this type of vehicle damage

If you believe the damage to your vehicle is a result of Niagara Region not meeting Ontario's maintenance standards, you may wish to file a claim.

How potholes occur

Potholes form when extreme cold temperatures create a deep frost layer which freezes the road base. When water seeps into cracks in the pavement, it can refreeze, pressing up, lifting the pavement surface. When traffic hits the lifted pavement it crumbles causing a pothole.

Watch how potholes are formed.

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