Workplace Safety

Niagara EMS is dedicated to ensuring a safe workplace for all staff.

Over the course of a career, front line first responders may experience incidents of violence several times which can take a toll on their mental health, career and personal life. This can lead to longer-term psychological effects, such as:

  • Changes in mood
  • Fear for personal safety
  • Post-traumatic stress injury
  • Decreases in job satisfaction

These effects can impact EMS services due to reduced staffing, illness or injury, and increased costs from additional workplace safety and insurance board claims. Together, this can cause potential impacts to providing effective patient care.

Steps to reduce violence

Niagara EMS is taking steps to:

  • Create awareness and support system level changes to reduce external violence against front line staff
  • Work with allied partners
  • Make improvements within the organization to demonstrate our commitment to protect the safety of our staff

Report it

If you see violence or threats happening against Niagara EMS paramedics or staff, call 911.

To report harassment and abuse, call Niagara Regional Police at 905-688-4111. Documenting and reporting can help police stop it from happening again.

Video: Workplace Violence Awareness - Physical and Sexual Violence

Video: Workplace Violence Awareness - Verbal Abuse

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