Paramedic Recruitment

To qualify as a paramedic, you must be an Advanced-Emergency Medical Care Assistant (EMCA), Level I, II or III paramedic, EMCA equivalent, EMCA-pending or a college student anticipating graduating in the next four months.

Becoming a paramedic at Niagara Emergency Medical Services

  1. Successfully graduate from a certified Ontario College Paramedic Program receiving a minimum of a Primary Care Paramedic diploma
  2. Successfully pass the provincial certification exam
  3. Niagara Emergency Medical Services requires that all potential paramedic recruits participate in pre-employment screening and must successfully pass each stage to progress in the recruitment process
  4. Upon employment, new paramedic recruits must successfully complete a certification exam by our base hospital physician with the Hamilton Health Sciences Centre for Paramedic Education and Research. This allows paramedics to perform delegate medical acts under the doctor's authority.

Once you have obtained a Primary Care level of certification, a paramedic may extend their training to an Advanced Care level. This requires an additional year of study and a much higher level of certification standards than those at the Primary level.

Applying to Niagara Emergency Medical Services

Niagara Region doesn't accept unsolicited resumes. See current job opportunities.

Colleges with paramedic programs

The following Ontario colleges offer a Certified Primary Care Paramedic Program:

English colleges

French colleges

Private colleges

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