Public Works Committee

The Public Works standing committee oversees the following areas:

  • Development Services
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Transportation Services
  • Waste Management

Decisions made by this standing committee are subject to council's approval.

2016 Agendas, Minutes, Reports

Oct. 18, 2016Agenda (19 MB)Video
Sept. 27, 2016AgendaVideo
Sept. 6, 2016Agenda (42 MB)MinutesVideo
July 12, 2016Agenda (13 MB)MinutesVideo
June 21, 2016AgendaMinutesVideo
May 31, 2016AgendaMinutesVideo
May 10, 2016AgendaMinutesVideo
April 19, 2016AgendaMinutesVideo
March 29, 2016AgendaMinutesVideo
March 8, 2016AgendaMinutesVideo
Feb. 16, 2016Agenda (18 MB)MinutesVideo
Jan. 5, 2016AgendaMinutesVideo

Past agendas, minutes and reports

Inquiries and Copies of Reports

For questions or copies of committee reports listed on the agenda, email Clerks.

Committee Membership

Regional Councillors