Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities

I Need:

Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities provides income programs and employment programs through Ontario Works.

If you are eligible, this program will help you financially while preparing you for employment.

We can help you if you:

  • Are in financial difficulty
  • Are a parent who can't go out to work because you have no one to care for your child(ren)
  • Have a job but do not earn enough to support yourself and your family
  • Have fled your homeland fearing for your safety

Community Services Video

Watch a short video about Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities in the Niagara region:

Services Available

Income ProgramsOntario Works Income Programs
If you are in financial need, social assistance (Ontario Works) helps you by providing money for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.


Employment ProgramsOntario Works Employment Programs
Social assistance (Ontario Works) helps you to prepare for, find and keep a job.


Social Service ProgramsSocial Service Programs in the Community
Agencies work with us to deliver other services to help you and your family such as hostels and shelter beds, emergency assistance, recreation programs for children and help for new immigrants.

Niagara Prosperity Initiative

The Niagara Prosperity Initiative supports poverty reduction and prevention initiatives. It is a partnership among Niagara Region, community agencies and the private sector focused on addressing the root causes of poverty. Since 2008, Regional Council has approved $1.5 million annually for investment in areas of the region most in need.

Contact Us

For general information and the administration of Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities, call us at 905-984-6900.


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