Martindale Road at J.R. Stork Bridge re-opened

Regional Road 38 (Martindale Road) at the J.R. Stork bridge in St. Catharines has been re-opened today to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic after several weeks of emergency repairs.

The bridge was closed on May 5 when heavy rains and flood caused significant damage to the road and to the embankment on the southwest approach to the bridge.

The City of St. Catharines and Niagara Region worked with Ellis Engineering, Terraprobe Engineering, Rankin Construction, and emergency services to develop a repair strategy.

The strategy included excavating and removing poor soil to the level of the watercourse and rebuilding the approach.

Initially it was anticipated that the roadway would be closed until the end of June however thanks to the cooperation and coordination of all parties, the work was completed and the roadway was 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

A 300mm regional water main was also lost when the roadway was damaged. The repair included the reinstatement of this critical water supply to the port Dalhousie area in St. Catharines. Getting the watermain back into service was a critical element to the successful completion of this project.


Andrew Korchok
Niagara Region

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