Community Safety Zones

Community safety zones help to change driver behaviour, including reducing speed and distracted driving, and improving safety on certain sections of road where public safety is of special concern.

These zones let motorists know they are within an area where fines have increased through a special designation under the Highway Traffic Act. Many set fines are doubled, such as speeding and traffic signal related offences. Signs are posted at the limits of the zone with "Begins" and "Ends" and show the legal limits of the zone.

The rules of the road don't change within the zone. Only the penalties for violations are increased.

Choosing a community safety zone

Site selection includes locations which have safety concerns or complaints near sensitive areas such as schools, retirement homes and daycares. When choosing a site, staff look at the:

  • Percentage of students and families walking to and from school
  • Speeding study results and number of violations
  • Traffic speeds and posted speed limits
  • Collision history
  • Volume of annual traffic, pedestrian crossings and heavy truck traffic
  • Number of traffic lanes
  • Availability of active transportation facilities
  • Number and frequency of access and driveways
  • Land use

Designated community safety zones

Fort Erie




Niagara Falls


Port Colborne

St. Catharines



West Lincoln

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