Air Quality

Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services does not issue air quality advisories or special air quality statements. See air quality alerts from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for current and forecasted air quality values. For Air Quality Health Index readings from recorded telephone messages, call 1-800-387-7768.

Air Quality Health Index and advisories

The Air Quality Health Index is a health communication tool that tells you the level of risk to your health when exposed to air pollution in your area over a short period. Since people react differently to air pollution, the index uses a simple scale to show how to protect your health during times of low, moderate, high and very high pollution levels.

For air quality health index results in Niagara, refer to the St. Catharines Air Quality Health Index.

Air Quality Health Index categories and public health messaging

See health messaging for general and at-risk populations depending on the current Air Quality Health Index level.

Air quality during wildfire events

Wildfires can create particulate matter which can affect your health. Prepare for wildfire smoke by limiting exposure, staying indoors and taking steps to reduce exposure.

  • Pay attention to the Air Quality Health Index, special air quality statements or other indicators of smoke levels in your community. If necessary, limit outdoor activity and strenuous physical activities. If you feel unwell or have difficulty breathing, stop altogether.
  • If you need to work outdoors, check with your provincial occupational health and safety associations or your employer
  • Reduce sources of indoor air pollutants and protect your indoor air from wildfire smoke infiltration
  • Use a portable air purifier to filter particles from wildfire smoke. Learn how to select and use a portable air purifier that is appropriate for your needs.


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