Regional Development Charges Payment Deferral

The Regional Development Charges Deferral Policy allows landowners, developers and / or builders to defer payment of development charges. The following development types may be eligible for a deferral:

  • Affordable housing developments that received funding through an agreement with Niagara Regional Housing or designated agency of Niagara Region as per By-Law 2022-71, Section 9 (a).
  • Developments that have received conditional / pending approval for Regional development charge grant and where the total Regional development charges for the project exceeds the minimum threshold. The deferral amount under this clause will be capped at the amount of the conditional / pending grant.
  • Developments that Regional staff have identified as eligible for a future Municipal Capital Facility Agreement for which Regional development charges will be exempted (subject to conditions under Municipal Act, 2001, section 110 and subsequent Regional Council approval)
  • Developments that are eligible for a transitional provision in an approved Regional development charge by-law


For more information, email the development charges team.

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