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The Brock District Plan was prepared by Niagara Region in cooperation with City of Thorold, City of St. Catharines and Brock University.

Brock District is a unique urban centre that straddles St. Catharines and Thorold with about half of the area comprised by Brock University.

District area

The district includes the four quadrants of Sir Isaac Brock Way and Merrittville Highway / Glenridge Ave. It extends from Highway 406 west to the westerly edge of Lake Moodie and from Decew Rd. and Lake Gibson north to the wooded slope of the Niagara Escarpment.

The area is influenced by the provincial policies of the Greenbelt Plan and the Niagara Escarpment Plan.


The vision of the Brock District Plan is to:

  • Leverage the unique economic driver of Brock University
  • Transition the area from a lower density employment area to a higher density mixed use centre
  • Plan for comprehensive and sustainable social, economic and environmental success

The Brock District Plan sets a framework for the planning, design and development of an iconic strategic employment and residential growth area. It consists of a vibrant complete university community set within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The vision focuses on higher education as a catalyst for economic prosperity.

Brock University is the centre around which areas for new mixed use, higher density housing and employment are stitched together with an enhanced public realm, including:

  • A network of tree lined streets
  • Urban open spaces
  • Natural features
  • Sustainable design
  • Walkable positive experience

Master plan

The Brock District Plan recommended the preparation of a master plan for the Regional Headquarters Campus to show integration of the pedestrian network and areas for publicly accessible open spaces and parks.

A Regional Headquarters Campus Master Plan was prepared and approved in October, 2017. Construction work for the International Plaza (formerly referred to as Civic Park in Brock District Plan) has begun with expected completion set as fall 2019.

District plans

A District Plan is a pro-active development strategy that supports the Region's focus on growth and economic prosperity. It's the framework for the land-use planning, design and development of complete communities in areas that currently are, or have the potential to become, iconic in nature.

District Plans are endorsed by Regional Council and the affected local area municipal council(s) as strategic land-use documents.

Project timeline

2015 and 2016 - completed
Create Brock District Plan

october 2016 - Completed
Endorsed by Regional Council

early 2017 - Completed
Endorsed by City of St. Catharines, City of Thorold and Niagara Escarpment Commission

march 2019
Regional Official Plan Amendment No. 14 approved



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