Green Bin Program

The Niagara Region has an effective program to manage the composting of organics. Understanding how to use your Green Bin properly will help the program stay efficient.

Non-Compostable Plastic Bags Will not be Accepted

All non-compostable plastic bags, such as grocery bags and transparent green liner bags, oxo degradable and bio degradable bags are not accepted in the Region's Green Bin and Leaf and Yard Waste collection programs.

Options for the Disposal of Organics

The following are acceptable ways of disposing of your organic waste:

  • Green Bin or other rigid, reusable container marked "Organics". Extra labels available by request. Extra Green Bins and kitchen catchers are available for a fee
  • Paper bags (certification not necessary)
  • Wrap organics in newspaper and place directly in your Green Bin or other container marked "Organics"
  • Certified compostable plastic bags with one of the following logos:

    Compostable Green    Compostable Logo

Some materials can even be placed in a backyard composter.

Plastic bags that are labeled 'degradable', 'biodegradable' or 'oxo-degradable', but do not carry the BPI logo are not accepted. List of Niagara Region certified compostable bag vendors.

Tips for Green Bin Use

  • Pet and Kitty Litter waste are now being accepted as part of the program. For health reasons, place this waste in compostable bags, or wrap in newsprint, before placing in your Green Bin
  • Items that won't breakdown in your backyard composter can be placed in your Green Bin to dispose of: meat, fish, bones and used tissues
  • Unacceptable materials will not be collected by the collections contractor. These materials result in higher program costs and lower the quality of the finished compost
  • Store your Green Bin in a convenient location - be sure to avoid direct sunlight

Participating in the Green Bin Program is Mandatory

The Region's Solid Waste Management By-Law (95-2008, as amended), does not permit organics or recyclables in the waste stream.

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