Cannabis (Marijuana)

Cannabis use

Cannabis is the second most commonly used drug among secondary students

Cannabis use among youth

Cannabis can be harmful to mental and physical health, especially if someone uses:
  • At an early age
  • Frequently
  • Large amounts
  • With other drugs, like tobacco or alcohol
  • Products that have higher THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)

More about the potential health effects of using cannabis.

Cannabis edibles

Edible cannabis products (edibles) are products that you eat or drink. When cannabis is ingested, it takes much longer to be absorbed into the bloodstream compared to inhaling or vaping. This means it can take longer for the brain and body to feel the effects of edibles. If you choose to use, consider the following:

  • Everyone's response to cannabis is different
  • Start low - choose products with a low amount of THC (2.5 mg or less) and an equal or higher amount of CBD
  • Go slow - it can take up to four hours to feel the full effects
  • It can be hard to tell the difference between edibles and non-cannabis containing products
  • Properly label and store products to avoid unintentional ingestion by children and pets

You should avoid combining cannabis with alcohol and or other substances as it increases impairment. Learn how you can lower your risks when using cannabis.

Cannabis legalization

Learn about the Ontario cannabis laws and safety.


Cannabis use and psychosis

Cannabis use can trigger psychotic episodes which could cause:

  • Paranoia
  • Disorganized thoughts and speech
  • Delusional thinking
  • Hallucinations

Treatment for cannabis-induced psychosis

If you, or someone you know is experiencing psychotic symptoms that are being triggered by cannabis use, treatment is available at Niagara Region Mental Health. Local options for addiction treatment in Niagara include:

More information on cannabis use and psychosis:

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