Housing Services Community Programs Coordinator

A community programs coordinator helps tenants with life skills, crisis management and referral to support agencies.

For example, if a tenant is worried about being evicted, having problems with a landlord or neighbour, or experiencing physical or mental health concerns, a community programs coordinator can help.

The community programs coordinator works with individuals and households on a voluntary basis to:

  • Help tenants / members avoid eviction by working with them to resolve the issues that have caused the risk of eviction
  • Provide supports and referrals to help improve lives, such as support for aging in place, mental health / addiction counselling, parenting classes, etc.
  • Mediate social issues between neighbours


Tenants / members living in non-profit corporations, co-operatives and rent supplement units can request a community programs coordinator.

Request a community programs coordinator

Tenants / members

Housing providers and landlords

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