South Western Integrated Fibre Technology Project

SWIFT: South Western Integrated Fibre Technology

The South Western Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) initiative is a project to build an ultra high-speed fibre optic Internet network for everyone in Western Ontario and Niagara. The project is being led by a partnership of 16 regional and local municipalities in Southern Ontario.

The project’s aim is to provide access to fibre-optic high-speed Internet access for 3.5 million Ontarians living in rural areas.

Attend an Open House

Niagara Region, the Township of West Lincoln and the SWIFT project team are hosting an open house for residents and businesses to meet the project team, explore the SWIFT project and provide feedback on Niagara's unique opportunities and challenges in implementing the project.

No registration is necessary.

Niagara's Role

Niagara Region has signed on as a partner to the SWIFT project. A feasibility study, outlining the resources needed to make this a reality in Niagara, is currently being created, and will be completed in the first quarter of 2016.


The SWIFT project will allow the creation of an extensive, cost-effective high-speed Internet network that will serve all of Niagara. This has wide-reaching economic benefits for Niagara, including

  • Supporting the growth of small businesses in rural areas by expanding access to online and e-commerce tools
  • Securing significant Federal and Provincial investment to improve Niagara’s information infrastructure
  • Better connecting residents in rural communities with online information and services

Take the Survey

We need your input to guide the creation of Niagara's feasibility study.

Complete a short survey and help us better understand Niagara's need for high-speed Internet.

Take the survey

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