911 Responses

Niagara Region and community partners are working together to improve emergency responses to 911 calls involving mental health and / or substance use.

To do this, partners have:

  • Established project criteria and priorities
  • Mapped the current state of the 911 service pathway for those in crisis
  • Identified factors that cause pain points or barriers
  • Completed a root cause analysis of these factors

Community partners are focused on ensuring safety, providing dignified service and ensuring that responses meet the appropriate level of care based on need.

This is a key crisis response initiative identified within Niagara's Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, 2021-2025.

Next steps

May - November 2023

  • Complete jurisdictional scan / roadshow
  • Brainstorm solutions that address root causes

December 2024

  • Develop recommendations and present to Council
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