Niagara Peninsula CAD Standard - NPCS

The Niagara Peninsula CAD Standard name is intended to reflect the idea of "Made in Niagara for Niagara". This name reflects the common business needs of local municipalities, consulting firms of Niagara and Niagara as a whole. This new release of the standard contains minor updates. New changes implemented primarily reflect the look and presentation of the final product for consistency and usability.

The development of this standard was realized to address CAD and GIS requirements to facilitate the exchange and sharing of information between the public and private sectors.

The standard is intended to support minimum software requirements and be AutoCAD version neutral.

The distributed standards, procedures and accompanying digital files are to be strictly adhered to in the production of any Regional and Municipal drawings and maps. This includes any works carried out by external parties (for example, consultants, contractors) on behalf of the Region or local municipalities.

There may be additional requirements specific to the municipality or projects that are not included in this document. Supplemental special provisions to this document will be provided by the reviewing authority for the drawings or maps.

Rational for standard

Standards increase accuracy, decrease costs and enhance the exchange of information between the public, contractors, consultants, utility companies, and municipal, regional and provincial agencies. This standard will also enhance the conversion of data between the GIS and CAD environments.

  • Can be used across the Region and local municipalities
  • Meet the primary needs of all partners and disciplines
  • Facilitate the exchange and sharing of information and data
  • Eliminate (where possible) disparate standards currently in place
  • Help to ensure the usability and quality of consultant returns
  • Common geo-referencing platform for sharing data
  • Benefit to both consultants and government

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