Background on the Humberstone Landfill

The landfill is a 38 hectare site that is operated for the disposal of domestic, commercial and non-hazardous solid waste. The landfill has been in service since the 1940s. The landfill site has extensive infrastructure.

In the late 1990s a leachate collection system was constructed to ensure that leachate produced by the landfill is contained on-site and treated at a municipal waste water treatment plant.

Also in the 1990s, four stormwater detention ponds and a perimeter ditch network were constructed to ensure that all surface water running off the landfill is captured and tested prior to being released off-site.

In accordance with Ministry of the Environment requirements, the first phase of a landfill gas collection system has been installed and is operational.

Project Process and Timeline

The Environmental Assessment for the proposed expansion of the Humberstone Landfill has now been approved by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

The final Environmental Assessment was submitted June 5, 2015. The Minister of Environment and Climate Change approved the Environmental Assessment on May 4, 2016.

Project Document List

Terms of Reference

Environmental Assessment

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