Disposing of Sharps and Prescription Drugs

Improper disposal of syringes and other sharps poses a health hazard to both the community and sanitation workers.

Found on Public Property (Park or Road)

Contact the Waste-Info Line if you find a syringe/sharp on public property (e.g. a municipal road or park).

Found on Private Property

Remove the syringe/sharp on private property by following these steps:

  1. Bring a sharps container to the location of the syringe/sharp and ensure the top is open

  2. Carefully pick up the syringe/sharp using a retrieval tool such as tongs or pliers

    * Always keep the needle pointed downwards and away from the body to avoid any contact with the needle

  3. Deposit the syringe/sharp into the disposal container needle end first

  4. Close the sharps container securely

  5. Dispose of the sharps container following the guidelines below

Guidelines for Proper Disposal

  1. Place all syringes and sharps in a sealed, puncture-proof container

  2. Contact your local pharmacy to see if they offer free sharps containers or disposal, if not

  3. Bring the puncture-proof container to a:

Prescription Drug Disposal (Free of Charge)

Take medications to a household hazardous waste depot or a local pharmacy for proper disposal, free of charge.

Do not put in the garbage, recycling boxes or pour down the drain.

If not disposed of properly, it can be harmful to people, animals and the environment.

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