Disposal of Items

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Aluminum foil, tray, container
Blue Box
Remove food residue, rinse and place in Blue Box. If unable to remove food residue, put this item in the garbage.
Cereals and grains
Green Bin
Place in the Green Bin. Drain the milk from the cereal before placing it in the Green Bin.
Place this item in the garbage. Apply for a diaper exemption if your household has two or more children under the age of four in diapers.
Hearing aids
Place broken hearing aids in the garbage. Remove the battery before placing the hearing aid in the garbage.
Electronics Drop off
Electronics can be dropped off at a Niagara Region drop off centre for recycling. Drop-off is free of charge to all Niagara residents. This service is not available to buisnesses.
Wrist watch
Place in the garbage.

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