Garbage, Recycling and Green Cart Collection for Large Apartments

This information is for property managers, superintendents and landlords of apartments containing seven or more units.

Participating in the Recycling Program is Mandatory

Blue and Grey Recycling CartsProvincial regulation requires owners of multi-residential buildings and condominiums with seven or more units to provide garbage and recycling collection services to tenants.

If a recycling program is not established, the Ministry of the Environment could order you to establish one.

Property managers are responsible to:

  • Place recycling carts out by 7 a.m. on the scheduled collection day
  • Ensure recycling is convenient and well promoted
  • Provide enough recycling carts and storage space to avoid overfilling of containers
  • Ensure minimal contamination of recyclable material
  • Inform Region staff if there is a change in contact information
  • Ensure new tenants are aware of the recycling program, receive recycling bags and know where the carts are located

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Cart Contamination must be Minimized

Property managers are responsible for removing visible contaminants from recycling carts.

Tips to Reduce Contamination

  • Place the Region's recycling signs above or near the carts
  • Do not line recycling carts with plastic bags
  • Ensure all new tenants obtain an information package

If garbage is mixed with recyclable material or cross-contaminated (Blue Cart material mixed with Grey Cart material), the recycling cart may not be collected.

Placing Cardboard in the Carts

Cardboard should be flattened and placed inside of the recycling carts. Cardboard boxes that have not been broken down may not be collected.

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