Green Bin Challenge

Don't toss out your organics, like kitchen food scraps, into a garbage can. Instead, place your fruit, vegetable, meat and bread scraps and other organic materials in your Green Bin.

Niagara's Green Bins keep critters out and odours in. Learn the benefits of using your Green Bin over a garbage bag.

Benefits of Using Your Green Bin

  • Turns your food waste into useful compost
  • Extends the lives of our landfills by making room for 'real' garbage
  • Reduces your household waste by as much as 50 per cent
  • Shows your neighbours that you are taking the next step beyond recycling

Did you know that some of the organic materials you throw away will sit in a landfill throughout your entire lifetime and likely that of the next generation as well?

See how easy it is to incorporate organics recycling into your everyday routine by using your Green Bin for 30 days.

More about the Green Bin

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