Exemptions to the One Bag Limit

Single-family homes, condos and apartments (two to six units) are allowed one garbage bag/can per week, unless there is an exemption given.

Special Exemptions

Granted to groups and individuals who meet certain criteria.

Exemption Details

Your household has two or more children under the age of four in diapers.

Apply for diaper exemption online

When the new contract starts Oct. 19, weekly diaper collection will be available for one or more children. Registration opens July 6.

Daycare You operate a daycare out of a residential property.

Apply for daycare exemption online
Medical Someone in your household has a medical condition.

Download medical exemption application
Group Home For group homes operated out of a residence.

Apply for group home exemption online
Charities Charities registered with Canadian Revenue Agency may request collection through the Region's service in addition to recycling collection from a private contractor.

Apply for charities exemption online

Call 905-356-4141 or toll-free 1-800-594-5542 for more information.

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