Application for Garbage Container Limit Exemption for Diaper Waste from Daycares

This application is for a daycare operating out of a residential property (single family home or apartment with up to six units or less), currently receiving curbside collection service, which is either operating under an agency that is provincially licensed or otherwise can provide documentation to prove that income is generated through child care.

If approved, the daycare may set out up to two clear bags of diapers per week above the two garbage bag/can every-other-week limit.

Note: this application must be renewed annually in July for continued service.

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* = Required

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Administrative Information

* Is the daycare licensed by the Province?

If the child care provider is not operating under an agency that is provincially licensed, provide the Statement of Business or Professional Activities from income tax return. Alternatively, if a Statement of Business is not available, copies of client receipts with personal information of clients obscured or removed will be accepted. All information will be kept confidential.

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