Engage your Employees
Rethink Your Waste at Your Workplace

The first and possibly the most important step in getting started on your organization's sustainability journey is to engage and empower your employees. Provide your employees with the tools to empower them to work on your business' pledge.

Tips and Best Practices

  • Engage employees who are already interested - ask them what they think can be done
  • Request a presentation from Niagara Region to educate employees on improving your business' sustainable activities
  • Empower employees to contribute ideas and identify opportunities
  • Set goals and make a plan
  • Share your goals and work towards them with all employees, suppliers and customers/clients
  • Celebrate and communicate your successes with your staff and customers/clients
  • Use your communication channels to talk about your initiatives (such as hanging posters provided by Niagara Region staff in your lunch rooms)
  • Create a performance based rewards program for employees and suppliers
  • Ensure all management groups share your organization's sustainability vision, mission and targets and regularly review them
  • Ensure managers across the organization are accountable in achieving sustainability goals

How to Improve your Practices

"What gets measured gets managed"

Examples include:

  • Conduct a waste audit
  • Select your area of improvement (such as energy reduction)
  • Conduct an energy audit (they are free)
  • Set a goal and a strategy for reduction
  • Measure and repeat
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