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Eligibility for Niagara Specialized Transit


Persons wishing to use specialized transit must:

  • Live in Niagara
  • Be travelling from one municipality to another municipality
  • Have a disability that prevents them from using conventional transit

Disability alone doesn't create eligibility. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and are based on the applicant's functional ability to use conventional transit some or all of the time.

It's not a medical decision deemed by the applicant's physician. It's also not based on the applicant's income, age or lack of conventional transit.

Apply for Transit

Persons who meet the eligibility requirements can complete the application process.

Accessible Service

If you're not approved for Niagara Specialized Transit, all Niagara Region Transit buses are fully accessible. All buses are low floor design (one-step on, one-step off) at the front and rear door areas for passengers with walkers and canes, or who are able to walk unassisted but have difficulty using stairs.

All low floor buses are equipped with a folding ramp for easy boarding, with slip-resistant and raised edges to prevent assistive devices from slipping. Upon request, the transit operator will lower these ramps at the front door area in order to assist people with disabilities.

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