Social Service Programs in the Community

Social Service Programs in the CommunityIn addition to income and employment programs, we deliver or support social programs and services in the community for those who are most in need and at risk.

Hostels and Homelessness Prevention

We manage the administration of homelessness prevention programs and work with local service agencies and the Niagara Homelessness Advisory Committee to develop strategies to address the needs of the community utilizing funding from the federal and provincial governments. We also contract with agencies for shelter placement and hostel provision.

Homeless Service System Review

In fall 2013, the Region conducted a review of homeless services in Niagara with the goal of improving community health through an effective and coordinated system of services.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance is available to you if you are not in receipt of social assistance to help you address issues that are detrimental to your health and well-being or to that of a member of your family. Emergency assistance allows for immediate financial help in a crisis or emergency.

Subsidized Funeral and Burial Services

Niagara Region provides financial assistance for costs related to a funeral and cremation or burial. An application to determine eligibility must be processed by Niagara Region before funeral arrangements are finalized.


ProKids can assist with the cost of recreational and cultural programs for children and youth whose families are in receipt of social assistance, are eligible for subsidized child care or are tenants of Niagara Regional Housing.

Ontario Child Benefit

The Ontario Child Benefit offers financial assistance for low-income families to help you with the cost of raising your child(ren). Your eligibility is based on the number of children in your family (under age 18) and your family net income. You may be eligible for the Ontario Child Benefit even if you are employed.

Support for Immigrants to Niagara

We have a team of Ontario Works casemanagers and support staff dedicated to working with new immigrants to Niagara. These staff members have expertise in immigration matters and local resources. We also work in partnership with community organizations to provide support for immigrants to Niagara with income, education, employment and housing programs and services.

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