Participation Agreement

Female Immigrant Classroom TrainingIf you are an adult receiving financial assistance under Ontario Works, you are required to participate in approved employment assistance activities as a condition of eligibility.

All Ontario Works applicants, their spouses and any dependent adults included in the benefit unit must complete and sign a Participation Agreement prior to a determination of eligibility.

What is a Participation Agreement?

It is an action-oriented plan that identifies the approved employment assistance activities you will undertake in order to prepare for, find and maintain employment. The agreement is developed with your caseworker and takes into account your skills, experience, circumstances and needs, as well as local labour market conditions.

How often is the Participation Agreement updated?

The initial agreement is reviewed, updated and signed by you within 30 days of making the application for assistance. The agreement is then reviewed, updated and signed every three months, or earlier if your circumstances have changed (e.g. if you have completed an employment assistance activity).

Exceptional Circumstances

In some cases, you may not be able to participate fully in employment assistance activities. The Participation Agreement may identify restrictions on participation or include a temporary deferral of participation requirements.

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