If you are on Ontario Works

The Ontario Works program balances your needs as a participant with your individual responsibility. As an Ontario Works participant, you will be required to adhere to certain rules and regulations regarding your income support. You will also be required to participate in activities that will help you gain employment.

Review important information about these topics that will apply to you as an Ontario Works participant.

General Information

Happy Person Rights and Responsibilities

If you are applying for or are eligible for Ontario Works, you have certain rights. As a participant, you also have responsibilities that you must maintain.

PolicyPolicies and Legislation

The Ontario Works Act, 1997 provides the legislative framework for the provision of financial and employment support for people in temporary need. The policy directives are the interpretations of the laws that govern the Ontario Works program. Ontario's e-Laws is a database that includes current legislation and regulations regarding Ontario Works.

Gavel Appealing a Decision

There are steps that you must follow if you choose to appeal a decision about your eligibility or your amount of financial help.

Income and Benefits

Pharmacy Assistant Understanding your Social Assistance Cheque

There are four parts to your cheque: Direct Bank Deposit Statement or Cheque, Statement of Assistance, Drug Card and an Income Reporting Statement.

Ontario Works Participant Benefits

You may be eligible for some health, employment and other benefits in addition to the monthly cash benefit you receive.

Completing the Paperwork Income Reporting

As an Ontario Works participant, you may be required to complete and submit an income reporting statement each month. Speak with your Casemanager about your particular situation and income reporting requirements.

Mom and Newborn Reporting Changes in your Situation

You must tell your casemanager immediately about any changes to your situation, including changes to your family size, income, assets and housing costs.

Cash in HandOverpayments

One of your responsibilities is to repay any money you received that you were not entitled to.


Completing a ResumeEmployment Assistance Activities

To be eligible for Ontario Works, you must take part in employment assistance activities that will help you prepare for, find and keep a job. We work with you to determine what you need to become job-ready and help you develop a plan based on your skills, experience and circumstances.

Learning in Class Participation Agreement

If you are an adult receiving financial assistance under Ontario Works, you are required to participate in approved employment assistance activities as a condition of eligibility. All Ontario Works applicants, their spouses and any dependent adults included in the benefit unit must complete and sign a Participation Agreement prior to a determination of eligibility.

Jobs Wanted Job Search

As an Ontario Works participant, you are required to search for a job and to provide proof of your search activities.

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