Job Search for Ontario Works

Classified Ads JobsAs an Ontario Works participant, you are required to make reasonable efforts to get a job. You will be required to take part in employment assistance activities that will help you prepare for, find and keep a job.

What is a reasonable job search effort?

Job search activities include:

  • creating or updating your resume and/or cover letter
  • telephone inquiries to potential employers
  • fact finding interviews and cold calls
  • networking with friends, relatives, neighbours, previous employers or others
  • answering job ads
  • going to employment workshops
  • visiting employment centres and job fairs
  • applying for jobs
  • interviewing for jobs

You will be asked:

  • how you have been trying to find work such as looking in the daily newspaper, visiting employment offices, searching online, etc.
  • the kind of work you have been looking for such as a specific type of job with a specific salary range or any kind of job
  • your feelings about recent interviews and why you weren't hired for the position
  • how often you completed search activities
  • other circumstances that may have made it difficult for you to make a reasonable job search such as temporary medical or family circumstances

Community Resources

Your Ontario Works casemanager can connect you with many resources to help you with your job search and career planning including information about topics such as:

  • resume and cover letter-writing
  • job search techniques
  • interview tips
  • training programs
  • the labour market conditions in your community
  • the employment support activities available in your community

There are many sources of helpful information available online and at local employment and resource centres, such as:

Employment Ontario

Service Canada's Job Bank

Niagara Workforce Planning Board

InCommunities / 211

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