Understanding your Social Assistance Cheque

Pharmacy AssistantThere are four parts to your cheque:

  1. Direct Bank Deposit Statement or Cheque

    You are encouraged to establish a Direct Banking Deposit plan, which automatically deposits your money into your bank account. To take part, you must have a bank account, fill in a form, attach a "void" cheque and/or a photocopy of your account passbook. Your casemanager can help you set this up. You will receive a Statement in the mail that will show how much money was deposited into your bank account.

    If you do not have a bank account, your cheque will be mailed to you. Your cheque may be cashed at the financial institute of your choice.

  2. Statement of Assistance

    The statement will show the breakdown of your payment - your gross assistance amount and any deductions.

  3. Drug Card

    Your card will include the names of all the persons covered under your benefit. Your card is valid only for the current month. Take your card with you to the pharmacy of your choice for prescriptions.

    Your drug card can also be used for dental work for relief of pain and suffering only under the Ontario Works Adult Discretionary Dental Plan. Take your drug card or a copy of it to your dental appointment.

  4. Income Reporting Statement

    As an Ontario Works participant, you may be required to complete and submit an income reporting statement each month. Speak with your Casemanager about your particular situation and income reporting requirements.

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