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Employment Assistance Activities

Resume To be eligible for Ontario Works, you must take part in employment assistance activities that will help you find a job. There are four main components to the program:

Employment Supports

This component offers services and activities that help you become job ready and find employment such as:

  • Basic education and literacy programs
  • Training and skills development
  • Resume and interview skills

Community Participation

This component allows you to volunteer with public or non-profit organizations where you can contribute to your community while developing job skills, gaining work experience and making valuable contacts in your field of interest.

You may already volunteer your time in your community. Your volunteer work can be recognized as a community placement and the hours that you volunteer may help to satisfy your Participation Agreement. Ask your casemanager for details.

Employment Placements

When you are job-ready, we can help you to secure a job placement with a employer that suits your skills and interests. Your placement will allow you to fine-tune your skills.


You may choose to create your own opportunity in the self-employment development program. We'll provide you with self-assessment guidance to see if you are ready to start your own business, help with the development of your business, and provide ongoing skill development and mentoring. We will connect you with a training program through one of several agencies, including:

  • Niagara College
  • Ontario Office Works, Welland (English and French services)
  • Business Success and Loan Centre, Fort Erie

More Employment Assistance Help

In addition to the main components, we offer other programs and services designed to help you overcome specific barriers on your path to employment and financial independence.

Skills and Development Assessment

During one of your early meetings with your casemanager, you will complete a skills and development assessment with his/her help. The assessment identifies your current skills, your short-term goal as well as your long-term goal and what you need in order to reach your goal. The assessment helps you and your casemanager create an action plan to move you to employment and financial independence.

Basic Education and Literacy

Having trouble with reading, writing or math can be a barrier to getting and keeping a job. We can work together to create a plan for you to finish high school, learn new workplace skills or to learn English as a Second Language.

Learning, Earning and Parenting Program

As a young parent in receipt of social assistance, LEAP can help you finish high school, develop your parenting skills and develop your employment related skills to help you gain employment and become financially independent.

Addiction Services

Addiction services is an employment assistance activity available to you if your addiction is a barrier to employment.

Job Skills Training

Our Ontario Works staff has up-to-date knowledge of Niagara's labour market and its current needs. We'll work with you to identify your strengths, skills and interests and help you access industry-standard training to prepare you for employment in an in-demand job field in Niagara.

For more information on Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities programs and services, call your local office, speak with your casemanager.

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