Niagara Workforce Planning

Planning MeetingOne of our community partners, the Niagara Workforce Planning Board, is the expert on our local labour market. They are a not-for-profit, community-based organization comprised of volunteers from business, labour, education and community groups.

The Niagara Workforce Planning Board brings local community stakeholders together to identify labour force issues and develop possible solutions for labour force development across all parts of Niagara.

Their mandate: Leading in the creation of innovative labour market solutions by:

  • providing authoritative research
  • identifying employment trends
  • targeting workforce opportunities
  • initiating development projects
  • bringing people together

Labour Market Information/Research

The Niagara Workforce Planning Board provides current and accurate labour market information and research that will support the development of solutions to address our particular labour force challenges. Relevant reports, websites, and data analysis on workforce demographics and market conditions are collected and made available to you on their website.

Niagara Labour Market Plan 2009-2013... A Vision in Action

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities selected Niagara as a pilot area for the Employment Ontario implementation of the Integrated Local Labour Market Planning framework. This framework recognizes that while government is responsible for its programs and budgets, the community, business leaders and all three levels of government work together to develop local plans and share in the support as well as accountability for them.

The Niagara Labour Market Planning Committee was formed to guide and influence our local planning process, address our current labour supply and demand needs and anticipate future needs.

Community consultation with local businesses, job seekers, educators, community agencies, and other stakeholders was integral to the creation of the report - Niagara Labour Market Plan 2009-2013...A Vision in Action, which was released in June 2009.

The plan uses input from the community and statistical data and evidence to validate priorities, strategies and actions. The plan promotes a labour market strategy to develop a skilled, knowledgeable and resilient talent pool for a competitive Niagara economy.

Two broad challenge areas were the basis for the actions of the plan:

  1. Niagara needs a qualified, competitive workforce
  2. Niagara needs to support its small and medium-sized enterprises

Four key priorities were identified and strategies recommended to address these priorities and position our workforce to meet the challenges of the future.

They are:

  • create a highly skilled, educated workforce that can effectively transition across industries and occupations
  • create a support system that fosters a learning culture in Niagara among employers
  • strengthen the relationship between available labour market information and labour market development needs
  • foster an ongoing, inclusive planning environment that maximizes Niagara's labour market opportunities, resources and successes

Additional Reports

The Province of Ontario's Places to Grow , and Niagara's growth and development management plan Niagara 2031 are documents that consider the future growth and development of Niagara.

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