Skills and Development Assessment

Hands TypingDuring one of your early meetings with your casemanager, you will complete a skills and development assessment with his/her help. The assessment identifies your current skills, your short-term goal and long-term goal and what you need to do in order to reach your goal. The assessment helps you and your casemanager create an action plan as part of your participation agreement, which helps to move you towards employment and financial independence.

Your Skills

For the purpose of the assessment, your current skills are divided into two categories:

Transferable Skills

These skills are transferable from one job field to another and are useful in many employment situations, such as:

  • problem solving
  • oral communication
  • punctuality
  • reliability

Job-specific Skills

These skills are more specific to a particular job field, such as:

  • advanced computer skills
  • carpentry
  • customer service
  • retail sales

You will also be asked to include:

  • any trades that you have experience in, such as masonry, mechanics, hairstyling
  • languages that you know
  • any certificates, diplomas and licenses, such as first aid, CPR, health and safety


This area of the assessment deals with your short-term and long-term goals and what kind of help you'll need to reach your goal:

Job-specific Skills Training

Such as:

  • computer basics
  • hospitality and tourism
  • food service

Basic Education

Such as:

  • high school equivalency
  • adult education
  • English as a second language

Employment Services

Such as:

  • résumé workshop
  • job-readiness workshop
  • self-employment workshop

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