Areas of Focus

General themes to guide your thoughts on the future of Niagara

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Strategic Plan

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Areas of Focus

Infrastructure and Services

Transportation, roads and bridges, waste, water, senior services, child and family services, housing and homelessness


Environmental protection, driving sustainable development

Governance and Advocacy

Proactive leadership, fiscal responsibility, open government, advocacy for Niagara

Economy and Growth

Fostering an environment for jobs and prosperity, development supports

Health and Wellness

Public health services, bike lanes and pathways, ambulances and emergency services

Quality of Life

Safety, community planning, walkability, engagement, newcomer supports

This Week's Featured Responses from Residents

Economy and Growth

We need to develop a plan to attract the younger generation. I am a part of that generation. I'm in my 20's and want to stay in Niagara to work. If we can develop a plan, my generation will stay and thus contribute to the local economy. Engage residents, business owners, municipal governments and other agencies to develop an economic plan.

Quality of Life

People need to feel connected to one another. Community design is a big contributing factor; i.e. accessible, lit engaging park spaces; housing close to downtown to encourage walking and cycling. This will also contribute to wellbeing and better mental health.

Infrastructure and Services

Increase the number of people who walk, cycle and take public transit. Create a transit supportive community that creates equitable access to employment, necessities and recreation for all ages and abilities.

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