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The Reece Bridge structure (on Twenty Mile Rd. over Twenty Mile Creek in West Lincoln) was built in 1950 with limited rehabilitation over the years. The structure has a concrete sidewalk on the east side and a concrete curb on the west side of the deck. The original railing consisted of a wooden rail system with concrete posts that were later protected with concrete barriers.

Based on structural inspections, Niagara Region confirmed the need to rehabilitate or replace the bridge. Also, the existing reverse curve alignment of Twenty Mile Creek Rd. (Regional Rd. 69) over the bridge and drop in road elevation resulted in safety concerns that needed to be addressed.

In September 2012, the Region completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment which recommended replacing the existing Reece Bridge with a new structure offset to the east of the existing bridge. This would include a new alignment of the bridge and improvements to the horizontal and vertical alignment of the roadway approaches at each end.

Construction of the new bridge began in October 2018. The original anticipated construction completion date was spring 2020, but the project was finished well ahead of time by October 2019.

The new structure is a two-span steel girder bridge with a composite concrete deck slab supported on a single pier. The length of the structure is 110 metres with a width of 11.4 metres. The new bridges construction included placing roadway fill on the approaches of the bridge in order to improve the vertical profile and sightlines of the road.

Project Timeline

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment completed

Detailed design completed

fall 2018
Contract awarded to Rankin Construction

october 2018
Construction begins

october 2019
Construction completed



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