QEW and Glendale Ave. Diverging Diamond Interchange
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About the Project

The Ministry of Transportation is working in partnership with Niagara Region on a design-build project for the construction of the following elements:

  • Reconstruct the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)/Glendale Ave. interchange to a Diverging Diamond Interchange
  • Reconstruct the Glendale Ave./York Rd. intersection to a single-lane roundabout with channelization
  • Construct a new Airport Rd. loop ramp and connection road from Glendale Ave. to York Rd./Airport Rd. intersection
  • Construct a new commuter carpool lot at the northwest quadrant of the interchange
  • Rehabilitate the pavement on the QEW eastbound and westbound lanes between the east end of the Garden City Skyway bridge and QEW/Hwy. 405 split (~3.0 km)
  • Extend the right turning lane of Glendale Ave. between Taylor Rd. and Niagara-On-The-Green Blvd.

Residents and drivers in Niagara-on-the-Lake can expect the project to start in 2020. Construction will be divided into five stages and completion is anticipated for 2023.

This will be the first Diverging Diamond Interchange constructed in Ontario. There are only two other operational in Canada at this time.

Stage 1

  • Construct median piers and drainage of the new QEW/Glendale Ave. Diverging Diamond Interchange underpass structure
  • Construct east portion of new Airport Rd. overpass structure

Stage 2

  • Create abutments of new QEW/Glendale Ave. Diverging Diamond Interchange underpass structure
  • Construct ramps
  • Create Airport Rd. connection and ramp
  • QEW widening for lane extensions

Stage 3

  • Construct superstructure of QEW/Glendale Ave. Diverging Diamond Interchange underpass structure
  • Construct Airport Rd. connection and loop ramp

Stage 4

  • Construct west side of Glendale Ave. including ramps
  • Construct new carpool lot
  • Connect Airport Rd. structure
  • Demolish existing Glendale Ave. bridge
  • Widen Glendale Ave. west from Taylor Rd. to Niagara-On-The-Green Blvd.

Stage 5a, 5b and 5c

  • Construction of the roundabout at Glendale Ave. and York Rd.

Project Timeline

november 2019
Utility relocates

april 2020
Design-build request for proposal closes

june 2020
Detailed design commences

september 2020
Construction commence of stages 1-5

november 2022
Diverging Diamond Interchange open to traffic

july 2023
Construction ends



Stephanie Huppunen
Project Manager
905-980-6000 ext. 3552
Email Stephanie Huppunen

Jack Thompson
Strategic Projects Lead
905-980-6000 ext. 3482
Email Jack Thompson

Carolyn Ryall
Director, Transportation Services
Email Carolyn Ryall

Hossein Hosseini
Senior Project Engineer
Ministry of Transportation, Ontario

Public Engagement

Businesses remain open

Temporary, lane, sidewalk and driveway closures map happen from time-to-time, but access to businesses will be maintained at all times.

Expected traffic dealys

Regional traffic will be kept open to through traffic during construction. However, throughout construction there will be temporary lane restrictions which will result in delays. Drivers can avoid delays by using alternative routes.

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