Niagara Poverty Reduction Strategy
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About the project

In October 2021, staff received Council approval to develop a:

  • Niagara Poverty Reduction Strategy
  • New approach for Niagara Prosperity Initiative investments

A Niagara Poverty Reduction Strategy meets the recommendations put forth in the Connecting the Pieces: An Evaluation of the Niagara Prosperity Initiative report by Brock University and the Niagara Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.

The development of the strategy and new approach includes consistent engagement of participating parties who have common agendas in eliminating poverty in Niagara.


A Niagara Poverty Reduction Strategy has many benefits for Niagara residents, service providers and decision makers. A strategy can:

  • Establish a better coordinated approach to reduce poverty and avoid duplication
  • Improve communication and collaboration between service providers, organizations and decision makers
  • Help to better meet the needs of our most vulnerable residents
  • Emphasize equity and the unique experience of poverty for different population groups

Community input

Engaging the community throughout the planning process is a critical piece to developing a Niagara Poverty Reduction Strategy.

To ensure there are diverse perspectives and experiences informing the plan, staff will meet with residents, individuals with lived experience of poverty, educational institutions, service providers, planning tables and the business community.

Project timeline

July 2022 - completed
Assemble a planning working group

July to August 2022 - completed
Assess the current state and evidence review; plan for engagement

September to October 2022 - completed
Conduct a community survey

September to November 2022
Identify assets, strengths, pressure points and priorities through community engagement; conduct staff and community focus groups

December 2022
Identify preliminary priorities

January 2023
Create a steering committee

January to June 2023
Validate through further community engagement

July to December 2023
Create strategy, monitoring plan and report

January 2024
Present the Niagara Poverty Reduction Strategy to Regional Council

June 2024
Align Niagara Prosperity funding with Niagara Poverty Reduction Strategy


Marc Todd
Manager, Community Services
905-734-7975 ext. 6548
Email Marc Todd

Rachel Sam
Poverty Reduction Strategy Advisor
905-734-7965 ext. 6530
Email Rachel Sam

Public Engagement

Community conversations

Attend a community conversation and lend your voice and expertise to the strategy.

Register for Community Conversation #5
Oct. 20, 1:30 - 3 p.m.
Lincoln Pelham Public Library - Moses F. Rittenhouse Branch
4080 John Charles Blvd., Vineland

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