Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant Raw Water Intake Relocation
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About the Project

Niagara Region is completing a Class Environmental Assessment Study Addendum to select a preferred method to continue to provide high quality raw water to the Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant. This project began in collaboration with Ontario Power Generation to ensure a long-term water supply for the Niagara Region, while allowing for the continued operations and maintenance of the Sir Adam Beck Power Canal.

In 2008, the Region completed the original Environmental Assessment for the work. It was determined that pumping temporarily from Alternative D (shown in image gallery) was the preferred alternative. The Environmental Assessment expired in 2018, and new information was provided from Ontario Power Generation about operational constraints and canal project timing, which made Alternative D no longer reasonable. Due to this, the Region completed an Environmental Assessment Addendum.

The Environmental Assessment Addendum followed the Municipal Engineer Association's "Municipal Class Environmental Assessment", and is designated as a Schedule "C" undertaking.

Alternative A, a permanent relocation of the raw water intake and low lift pumping station, is the preferred alternative outlined in the Environmental Assessment Addendum. The works include the following:

  • Two suction lines with cross bar screens from the new intake opening on the side bank of the Niagara River to the new Low Lift Pumping Station;
  • A new Low Lift Pumping Station on shore near the intake structure near Sarah St. and Ives Gateway;
  • A new raw water transmission main from the new Low Lift Pumping Station to the existing water treatment plant and;
  • A new tunnel underneath the Welland River, complete with maintenance chambers

A conceptual drawing of the design is presented in the Environmental Assessment report. To be noted, the exact location of the Low Lift Pumping Station will be finalized with Niagara Parks Commission and the City of Niagara Falls during future design stages.

The photo in the image gallery is a map of the study area for the Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant intake relocation. It illustrates the original intake alternative from 2008 and the amended intake alternative from 2019.

Project Timeline

november 21, 2019
Notice of Filing of Addendum

november 21 to december 20, 2019 - completed
Project file available for public review


2021 to 2022
Construction anticipated

Commissioning anticipated



Lisa Vespi, P.Eng
Senior Project Manager
905-980-6000 ext. 3640
Email Lisa Vespi

Horia Ispas, P.Eng
Project Manager
Environmental Infrastructure Solutions Inc.

Public Engagement

Niagara Region engaged in extensive stakeholder consultation during the Environmental Assessment Addendum. Additional public and stakeholder consultation is anticipated during design and construction.

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Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant Raw Water Intake Relocation
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