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Closed Mountain Road Landfill Leachate Collection System Improvements Environmental Assessment
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About the Project

Niagara Region has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment study to assess the leachate collection system and leachate treatment options at the closed Mountain Road Landfill. The assessment will identify potential environmental effects associated with the proposed works and appropriate mitigation measures.

The Mountain Road Landfill has been inactive since 2000 and is located at 2390 Mewburn Rd. in Niagara Falls.

The site includes a passive and active leachate collection system to prevent discharge of leachate under the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Environmental Compliance Approval No. A120201. All collected leachate and groundwater is currently directed to the sanitary sewer, which is then treated at the Niagara Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The leachate collection system was constructed in 1973, and currently functions ineffectively. Niagara Region is proposing to improve the leachate collection system at the closed Mountain Road Landfill. An improved system would increase collection of leachate. Preliminary work has identified that there is limited capacity in the sanitary sewer to accommodate an increase in the collection of leachate from an improved system. To increase capacity in the sanitary sewer, it's recommended that an on-site leachate treatment system be considered. Installation of a leachate treatment system, and changes to the existing system, requires an environmental assessment.

This study is being planned as a Schedule 'C' Municipal Class Environmental Assessment study based on the Municipal Engineers Association Class process, which is a planning process approved under Ontario's Environmental Assessment Act. The study will define the problem(s) / opportunities associated with options for improvements to the leachate collection system, develop and evaluate alternative strategies, determine the most feasible solution, and minimize effects to the community and natural environment.

Project Timeline

June 2021 - Completed
Notice of study commencement

Summer 2021
Public Information Centre #1

Fall 2021
Alternative design concepts

Winter 2022
Public Information Centre #2

Summer 2022

  • Complete Class Environmental Assessment study
  • File Environmental Study Report
  • Public review period


Peter Kryger P. Geo., PMP
Project Manager
Waste Management Services
905-980-6000 ext. 3736
Email Peter Kryger

Reports and Documents

This map shows the location on Park Rd. where the new watermain (500 mm) will be constructed to the north and south of Ridge Rd. in Grimsby. It also shows the location of the new Grimsby Water Storage System (15 ml) and the location of the existing water reservoir.
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