Niagara Region Projects

Laurie Avenue Sewage Pumping Station and Forcemain Upgrades

Construction work to upgrade the station and replace the forcemain to improve operation


Eastside Employment Lands Water and Wastewater Servicing

Assess alternative routes for the Eastside Sewage Pumping Station forcemain in Port Colborne

Port Colborne

Accessibility Plan

Update our multi-year accessibility plan to create barrier-free access to our goods, services and facilities

All Niagara

City Hall Sewage Pumping Station and Forcemain Upgrades

Repair and upgrade the station and forcemain to improve operation

Port Colborne

Victoria Avenue (Regional Road 24) Watermain Replacement

Replace and upgrade the watermain pipe beneath Victoria Avenue


Gilmore Road (Regional Road 19) Trunk Watermain

Install a new trunk watermain for a second water supply to central Fort Erie

Fort Erie