Niagara Region Projects

Eastside Sewage Pumping Station Forcemain Replacement

Assess alternative routes for the Eastside Sewage Pumping Station forcemain in Port Colborne

Port Colborne

Asset Management Plan

Ensure efficient allocation of resources with a multi-year Asset Management Program

All Niagara

Regional Rd. 98 Structure Replacements

Replace two structure on Montrose Rd. with new concrete box culverts

Niagara Falls

Regional Rd. 38 Phase 2 Reconstruction

Plan phase 2 reconstruction of Regional Rd. 38 (Martindale Rd.) and a new bridge (from Fourth Ave. to Barton St.)

St. Catharines

Regional Rd. 87 Reconstruction

Reconstruct Third St. Louth to Seventh St. Louth

St. Catharines

Regional Rd. 98 Reconstruction

Reconstruct Regional Rd. 98 (Montrose Rd.) from Regional Rd. 49 (McLeod Rd.) to Charnwood Ave.

Niagara Falls