Niagara Region Projects

McLeod Rd. Reconstruction Phase 2

McLeod Rd. is a major four lane east-west roadway extending from Stanley Ave. to Thorold Townline Rd. in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Reece Bridge Replacement

Replacement of Reece Bridge on Twenty Mile Rd. over Twenty Mile Creek in West Lincoln

West Lincoln

Rice Rd. Reconstruction

Reconstruct section of Rice Rd. (Regional Rd. 54), from Hwy. 20 to 200 metres north of Merritt Rd.


Lakeshore Rd. Reconstruction

Reconstruct Lakeshore Rd. (Regional Rd. 87) from Third St. Louth to Seventh St. Louth

St. Catharines

Martindale Rd. Phase 2 Reconstruction

Plan phase 2 reconstruction of Regional Rd. 38 (Martindale Rd.) and a new bridge (from Fourth Ave. to Barton St.)

St. Catharines

Environmental Assessment - Livingston Ave. Extension

Assess the alternatives for the Livingston Ave. extension in Grimsby